260.042 Core Public Health Functions


Core Public Health Functions: The Texas Medical Association affirms the need for the practice of the core public health functions of assessment, assurance, and policy development as distinct, inherently governmental, complementary, and necessary to support population health in each Texas community. TMA recognizes the need for objectivity and the potential for conflict of interest in community health and opposes the delegation of responsibility entirely to non-governmental entities. In addition, TMA supports legislation that would more clearly assign responsibility for performing core public health functions which would ensure necessary resources to maintain and further improve the public health infrastructure in Texas. TMA supports efforts to educate the public, legislators, and other elected and appointed officials about the mission and role of public health in order to ensure continued and adequate funding. TMA supports efforts to amend the Local Public Health Reorganization Act as a means to simplify and improve the efficiency of local public health by facilitating and removing barriers to city and county collaborations for the provision of public health services (CPH, p 125A, I-96; amended CPH Rep. 2-A-09; amended CSPH Rep. 3-A-13).

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October 07, 2016