220.002 Military Medical Reserve Personnel Strengthening of


Military Medical Reserve Personnel, Strengthening of: In an effort to promote and improve recruitment and retention of reserve military medical personnel and to strengthen the reserve component, which includes the reserves and the National Guard, the Texas Medical Association approved the following multi-faceted approach toward rejuvenation and improvements:

(1) Retired military medical personnel should become eligible for reserve status.

(2) Federal laws should be enacted to delay obligations and prevent financial devastation for people called to active reserve duty.

(3) Federal and state laws should be enacted to protect active duty reservists from "long tail" liability action.

(4) Improvements should be sought in professional utilization of military medical personnel during both active duty periods and "weekend drill."

(5) Pay and allowances for reservists called to active duty should be adjusted upwards to approach pay and allowances for those with similar rank and qualifications in regular and long-term reserve status.

(6) A statutory system of limitations on call-up, retention, and recall of reservists should be developed in order to provide stability and predictability to reserve status and duty.

(7) The basis for such a system should be defined statutorily using credits or "points" to prioritize options available to individual reservists as to call-up, retention, rotation, and recall.

(8) Existing laws for selective service and retirement credits should be utilized as models for development of practical equitable criteria to be applied (Board of Trustees, p 25, I-92; reaffirmed BOT Rep. 13-A-03; reaffirmed BOT Rep. 13-A-17).

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May 25, 2017