195.006 Medicare Program Cutbacks


Medicare Program Cutbacks: The Texas Medical Association believes that U.S. representatives and senators from Texas should be educated on the need to formulate an overall plan with input from organized medicine so that any cuts to Medicare will have minimum impact on the quality of health care delivery. TMA also believes the American Medical Association should adopt a similar measure so that any changes in reimbursement will not affect the quality of health care delivery and will be a cooperative agreement between governmental agencies and organized medicine. TMA also urges AMA to oppose any further cuts in Medicare expenditures in the coming years as detrimental to beneficiaries' access to quality medical care. Finally, TMA agreed to seek AMA concurrence in support of the continued payment by the Medicare program for all appropriate services to support quality care (Res. 28K, p 157, and Res. 28Y, p 171, A-91; reaffirmed CSE Rep. 5-I-01; amended CSE Rep. 8-A-11).

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October 07, 2016