200.050 Moonlighting by Residents


Moonlighting by Residents: TMA believes moonlighting residents, working in compliance with the institutional guidelines of their sponsoring programs, can serve valuable roles in filling gaps in physician staffing in underserved communities and can reap substantial personal and professional benefits. It is acknowledged that moonlighting may not be in the best interest of every resident and may be more appropriate for certain medical specialties and more senior, experienced residents. Residents who moonlight establish competency by meeting all requirements for a full, unlimited Texas medical license and credentialing requirements. Residency program directors serve in the critical role of ensuring compliance with institutional moonlighting requirements and assessing whether residents have the competencies needed to balance residency training and moonlighting.

On this basis, TMA encourages medical schools, residency training programs, and fellowships to reconsider broad policies that impose strict limitations or even prohibitions on moonlighting by residents (CME Rep. 2-A-15).

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October 07, 2016