200.038 Clinical Skills Assessment


Clinical Skills Assessment: Given the importance of assessing clinical competency, the Texas Medical Association joins the American Medical Association in strongly urging the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association to modify and enforce uniform accreditation standards as soon as possible to require that all medical schools rigorously and consistently assess clinical skills of all students as a requirement for advancement and graduation.

It is the policy of the Texas Medical Association to (1) support continued efforts to develop and validate methods for assessment of clinical skills; (2) support the American Medical Association's participation in the development and testing of methods for clinical skills assessment; and (3) oppose the use of these methods in evaluation for licensure of graduates of Liaison Committee for Medical Education- and American Osteopathic Association-accredited medical schools, believing that clinical skills assessment is best performed using a rigorous and consistent examination administered by the medical school (CME Rep. 3-A-03; reaffirmed CME Rep. 1-A-13).

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March 08, 2017