205.024 Medicare and Medicaid Graduate Medical Education Funding


Medicare and Medicaid Graduate Medical Education Funding:

(1) To ensure the continued fiscal viability of teaching hospitals and residency training programs, the Texas Medical Association supports restoration of state Medicaid graduate medical education funding, exploration of innovative methods for financing new residency positions, and efforts to identify new teaching hospitals in the state.

(2) TMA will work with the state teaching hospital association, the American Medical Association, and other stakeholders to communicate the potential damaging effects to graduate medical education in Texas of growing national threats to Medicare graduate medical education funding. This includes efforts to reduce Medicare indirect graduate medical education funding by diverting a portion of funding to new performance-based methodologies intended to reduce overall funding.

(3) TMA will work with the American Medical Association to carry out activities at the national level to achieve Texas' goals for maintaining reliable Medicare graduate medical education and Disproportionate Share Hospital funding; TMA encourages AMA advocacy efforts toward achieving this goal (CME/CSE Rep. 1-A-04; amended CME Rep. 2-A-14).

Last Updated On

October 07, 2016