115.001 Indigent Care


Indigent Care: The Texas Medical Association approved the final report of its Task Force on Indigent Health Care which recommended the following:

(1) TMA should work to improve the availability of health insurance and adopt measures to make health insurance more available and affordable;

(2) TMA should work to preserve existing indigent health programs in the short term and work on improving Medicaid eligibility in the long run;

(3) TMA should continue to pursue improved reimbursement and every effort should be made to reduce the administrative complexities of the Medicaid program and TMA efforts in this area, such as monthly liaison meetings with the Medicaid carrier and Medicaid director, should continue;

(4) TMA should support adequate funding for public mental health services and recommend that the Texas Medicaid program provide full benefits for treatment of mental illnesses as allowed by federal guidelines;

(5) TMA should continue to support legislation and regulation which promote and encourage opportunities for physicians to practice in medically underserved areas of the state; and

(6) Physicians should be reminded of their responsibility to provide care to all Texans. Further, physicians should be encouraged to pass these values on to new physicians during their education and training (Amended CSE, p 138-144, I-90; amended CSE Rep. 5-I-01; amended CSE Rep. 8-A-11).

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October 07, 2016