118.001 Health Information Technology – Electronic-Prescribing


Health Information Technology – Electronic-Prescribing: The Texas Medical Association supports initiatives that increase appropriate utilization of electronic prescribing (e-prescribing). In addition, TMA maintains the following positions related to e-prescribing:

  1. TMA supports further development of physician and patient controls of e-prescribing and e-refills including patient health records and patient portals to manage prescriptions.
  2. TMA supports positive incentives for the adoption and maintenance of e-prescribing.  TMA opposes physician penalties where e-prescribing is not practical, possible, or desired by the patients.  
  3. TMA supports legislative and regulatory efforts to ensure universal acceptance by pharmacies of electronically transmitted prescriptions.
  4. TMA supports development of patient- and condition-specific e-prescribing tools, for example, appropriate rounding of weight-based doses in pediatrics.  
  5. TMA supports the use of standardized plug-in applications or web-based tools to standardize and simplify e-prescribing.  
  6. TMA supports cost-free access to patient-specific, medication-related information such as formulary, eligibility, and fill history. (Previously 95.029; Res. 306-A-08; amended CPMS Rep 2-A-18).

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September 20, 2018