85.017 Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Coalition Recommendations


Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Coalition Recommendations: The Texas Medical Association supports the use of a Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) document that is: (a) a written expression of the unique values and goals of a patient in relation to medical care, expressed by a patient or a surrogate decisionmaker; (b) produced as a product of a conversation with a physician, a midlevel provider under appropriate supervision and delegation, or another person who is properly trained to conduct the conversation; (c) signed by the patient or, if the patient lacks capacity, by the patient’s surrogate decisionmaker(s); (d) verified and signed by a physician (or midlevel provider under proper delegation) who has established that the patient or surrogate understands and agrees with the form contents; (e) reevaluated periodically AND when there is a change in the patient’s status; (f) a guide concerning patient wishes for medical care to be used by any medical caregiver, but does not override any physician’s independent clinical decisionmaking; and (g) not legislatively mandated or modified in any way. TMA will work with the MOST Coalition to develop an education program for Texas physicians regarding the Medicare advance planning payments and the use of the MOST document (CHSO Rep. 2-A-16).

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October 07, 2016