70.008 CME Mandated Subject Content


CME Mandated Subject Content: The medical profession alone has the responsibility for setting standards and determining curricula in continuing medical education. Individual needs assessment which leads to the development of personally relevant continuing medical education has been shown to be most effective in achieving positive outcomes on physician practice change and patient care. Mandates for CME hours in specific subject areas may be detrimental to patient care by diverting the utilization of scarce resources to meet requirements rather than for educational activities most germane to the physician’s specialty and practice. The Texas Medical Association opposes all mandates for continuing medical education hours in specific subject areas and supports working with relevant medical groups, community groups and legislators to determine more effective methods of resolving issues which typically lead to mandated subject content (Board of Trustees, p 39C, I-96; reaffirmed CME Rep. 1-A-06; reaffirmed CM-CE Rep. 1-A-16).

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October 07, 2016