70.007 CME Statement


70.007 CME Mission Statement:  Following is the Texas Medical Association’s continuing medical education mission statement:

To facilitate physician access to quality continuing medical education, including effective use of technology, through TMA’s accredited CME program and its intrastate CME accreditation program. The activities provided by TMA’s CME program will address the professional practice gaps of physician learners as identified in their scope of practice and professional requirements.

Activities implemented through the CME program will seek to serve all Texas physicians with an emphasis on meeting specific regional needs of physicians practicing in educationally underserved areas of Texas. Although TMA’s CME program primarily will serve Texas physicians, some activities may be extended to a national audience when justified by appropriate needs assessment and topic.

TMA seeks to improve Texas physicians’ expertise in practicing the art and science of medicine through educational activities in the following areas:

  • Prevention, detection, and treatment of disease and health concerns including public health threats, cancer, and end-of-life care;
  • Quality improvement, liability risk reduction, and enhancement of the practice environment;
  • Impaired physician awareness, preventive measures, and appropriate treatment;
  • Ethics and professional responsibility education;
  • Physician leadership topics including legislative and regulatory issues and communication skills.

The CME program will utilize formats for learning that will include interactivity of the teacher and learner to the degree possible. Activities and services offered are as follows:

  • Annual meeting with multiple educational sessions;
  • Statewide and regional seminars;
  • Enduring materials for independent study, including use of the Internet;
  • Joint providership;
  • Outreach (taking AMA PRA-Cat. 1- approved activities and speakers to local areas upon request).

To provide learning opportunities beyond those TMA can directly sponsor, TMA will maintain an intrastate CME accreditation program through the Accreditation Council for CME to grant CME accreditation to organizations in Texas serving Texas physicians.

It is expected that Texas physicians will be able to access quality CME to meet their requirements for practice updates, license renewal, and various certifications. This CME will improve physicians’ competence or performance in practice, thereby supporting TMA’s Vision, To improve the health of all Texans. Change in competence will be evaluated with immediate post-activity evaluation forms and/or audience response technology. Change in physician performance will be self-reported by physician learners at an appropriate time interval after the activity. Data gathered from these evaluation processes will enable the Committee on Continuing Education to determine the effectiveness of the overall CME program to address identified practice gaps (CM-CE Rep. 4-I-98; revised CM-CE Rep. 1-A-03; amended CME Rep. 4-A-08; amended CM-CE Rep. 2-A-18).

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August 16, 2018