65.007 Evaluation and Management Guidelines


Evaluation and Management Guidelines: The Texas Medical Association will collaborate with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, its contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure that any future modifications of the Evaluation and Management (E&M) Guidelines will provide fair treatment of physicians and their patients. TMA will work with other physician organizations to define what constitutes “appropriate and valid documentation”; oppose unwarranted fraud and abuse penalties due to inadvertent errors in coding and interpretation of the E&M documentation guidelines; use all available means to ensure that the burden of proof for fraud and abuse rests with the government; and with the AMA, identify the negative impact of the documentation guidelines on coding and claims processing software, and strongly oppose the inappropriate use of such software for both Medicare and non-Medicare purposes (Amended Res. 29LL, p 161P, A-98; amended CSE Rep. 1-A-08; reaffirmed CSE Rep. 1-A-18).

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August 20, 2018