50.002 Statewide Cancer Registry


Statewide Cancer Registry: The Texas Medical Association encourages medical staffs of each hospital in the state to appoint a committee on cancer as a standing committee of the medical staff organization, responsible for analysis of the cancer care provided in the facility and development of continuing education programs. TMA endorses and encourages medical staffs to support establishment of a cancer registry in the hospital to provide the data on cancer needed for planning, monitoring, evaluation of cancer management, and development of continuing education programs. TMA supports full implementation of the statewide cancer registry which was established by the 66th Texas Legislature effective Sept. 1, 1979, and amended by the 69th Texas Legislature in HB 4 effective in 1985, and commends the Texas Department of State Health Services for implementation and ongoing maintenance of a program that meets national high-quality data standards (Committee on Cancer, p 146, A-92; amended CM-C Rep. 2-A-10).

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October 07, 2016