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Getting young people involved in athletic activities is a great way to fight the obesity epidemic. The goal is to get them while they're young and encourage them to maintain physical activity throughout their lives. Sports medicine plays a vital role in that effort, and the World Wide Web has many sites devoted to it. Here are a few examples.

American  College of Sports Medicine
An important component of the mission of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is public awareness and education about the positive aspects of physical activity for people of all ages. The college's site,, offers a wide variety of health and fitness brochures to accommodate the media, the general public, and anyone with an interest in sports medicine and exercise science. There also is information about educational opportunities for sports medicine professionals. ACSM endorses more than 180 conferences a year that offer continuing medical education credit. Additional site features include the ACSM Media Referral Network, links to the college's publications, and a quarterly online newsletter.

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Formed in 1991, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) offers a forum that fosters a collegial relationship among dedicated, competent primary care sports medicine physicians seeking to improve their individual expertise and raise the general level of sports medicine practice. The AMSSM site,, has descriptions and dates of upcoming conferences, information on how to join the AMSSM listserv, access to an online newsletter, patient education handouts, and position statements detailing the association's view on certain issues.

The Physician and Sportsmedicine  Online
The Physician and Sportsmedicine  is a peer-reviewed monthly journal serving the practicing physician's professional and personal interests in the medical aspects of exercise, sports, and fitness. The current journal, as well as back issues, can be viewed at This site also includes links to other sites pertaining to different aspects of sports medicine. 

American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Formed in 1972 as a forum for independent orthopedic sports medicine research and education, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) is a national organization of orthopedic surgeons dedicated to sports medicine. AOSSM works closely with many other sports medicine specialists and clinicians, including family physicians, emergency physicians, pediatricians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists, to improve the identification, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. The American Journal of Sports Medicine , the society's peer-reviewed scientific journal, was first published in 1974. In addition to fellowship information, the AOSSM site at  allows visitors to access Sports Medicine Update , a free bimonthly online newsletter. Announcements about upcoming AOSSM meetings and courses are also included on the site.

International Federation of Sports Medicine
The International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS),, is an international organization of national sports medicine associations that span five continents. The aim of FIMS is to assist athletes in achieving optimal performance by maximizing their genetic potential, health, nutrition, and high-quality medical care and training. The online journal, International SportMed Journal  ( ISMJ ), is available to federation members and features multimedia articles that integrate text with audio and video. The contents pages and articles from past issues are available online either through the FIMS Web site or at Individual nonmembers may subscribe to ISMJ for $50, but it is free with FIMS membership. The federation's main site also has information about fellowships, upcoming events, and the opportunity to subscribe to an online newsletter.

Women's Sports Foundation
Founded in 1974 by Billie Jean King, the Women's Sports Foundation is a charitable educational organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity. The site,, provides access to the foundation's online Q&A database, information about issues affecting women in sports, and an online newsletter. The site also has information about the foundation's programs, which includes GoGirlGo! a multifaceted program created to help promote physical activity among girls in the critical developmental stage between ages 8 and 18.

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