Why Did I Get That Medical Bill?

A new epidemic has hit; call it "insurance illiteracy." Numerous studies (like this national research and this Texas study) show the public's growing lack of understanding of basic health insurance terms, such as "copay," "out-of-pocket expense," and "network." Reasons given for the problem include the addition of large numbers of people newly insured under the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance industry's growing array of confusing new products and cost-containment strategies. 

For physicians, this problem can lead to large numbers of confused patients asking questions of you and your billing staff, especially when they receive a bill they didn't expect. TMA has a comprehensive legislative strategy to combat these "surprise bills." TMA also has a simple new handout you can use to educate your patients. (Download the one-page flyer in color or black and white.)

In easy-to-understand language, the handout offers these four possible answers to the question "Why did I get that medical bill?" 

  1. The service or procedure wasn't covered;
  2. You haven't met your deductible;
  3. Your doctor was not "in network;" and
  4. Your health plan just isn't paying enough to cover the bill. 

Download today, and share with your patients.

Action, July 1, 2016

Last Updated On

April 26, 2018

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