TexMed 2017 Poster Abstracts



Acquired QTc Prolongation in Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome  


Marc Andres, MD

Monica Kalra, DO

Geraldine Gossard, MD


Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Patients Admitted for Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Their Risk of Readmission


Marc Andres, MD

Monica Kalra, DO

Geraldine Gossard, MD


Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Positioning of the Icare Rebound Tonometer


Iyza Baig (MS2)

Badar Patel


Cefepime Toxicity in Intensive Care Settings: Interictal EEG findings resulting in Treatment Challenge


Donald C. Barr, MD 

Batool Kirmani, MD


Emergency Equipment Open House in the Surgical Setting (2nd Place, Doctor’s Choice Award)


 Charles E. Cowles, Jr., MD, MBA

Jose Soliz, MD


Retrospective Chart Review of Kidney Transplant Patients and Hyperglycemia


 Emily Dewar (MS)

Srikanth Sridhar

Evan Pivalizza


Innovations in Interprofessional Geriatrics Training: Improving the Quality of Care for an Aging Texas Population


 Lesca Hadley, MD, FAAFP, AGSF

Janice Knebl, DO, MBA


Expanding Medical Care by Physicians Working From Home in Rural Texas Clinics Using Telemedicine Cart with Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement


Abstract Support

 Mohamed Haq, MD

Adbul Moosa


Examining Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medical Journal Editorial Boards (3rd Place, Clinical)


 Waqas Haque (MS)

Deepak Agrawal, MD


Use of Ultrasound Guidance for Safe Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Infant Retinoblastoma (1st Place, Clinical)


 Ryan Kim, BA (MS)

Amy Schefler, MD


Shift Work is Associated with Altered Semen Parameters in Infertile Men (3rd Place, Doctor’s Choice Award)


 Taylor P. Kohn (MS)

Alexander W. Pastuszak


Epidemiology of Bloodstream Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients (2nd Place, Clinical)


 Terrence Liu (MS2)

Ricardo La Hoz, MD

David Greenberg, MD


Virtual Simulation Improves a Novice′s Ability to Localize Renal Tumors in 3D Physical Models – a Multi-institutional Prospective Randomized Controlled Study


 Young Min Moon (MS3)

Arun Rai


Cost-effectiveness of Sperm Fluorescence in situ Hybridization Testing for Infertile Men with Suspected Sperm Aneuploidy


 Zachary J. Solomon (MS2)


Advances in the Use of Whole Blood in Combat Trauma Resuscitation


Audra L. Taylor (MS)

Jason B. Corley



Improving Adherence to Texas Medical Board Rule 170.3 Regarding Requirements for the Treatment of Chronic Pain


Christopher Bender (MS2)

Enas Kandil MD


Aligning Physician Practices with Evidence-Based Medicine: A Pilot Study on the Effects of Improving Recognition and Compliance with Early Bundle Therapy in Septic Patients at a Community Hospital (2nd Place, Improvement)


William Jacob Cobb, (MS4)

Ami Hanson, BSN, RN


A Case for a Statewide, Comprehensive, Opt-Out Immunization Information System


 Ricardo Gamez MS2

Ymaliz Ramirez MS4

Jaime Carriollo MS1

Indu Pathak

Erika Wiker BA, MS

Gilbert Handal MD


Improving Adolescent and Young Adult Access to Comprehensive, Youth-Centered Wellness Care (3rd Place, Improvement)


 Celia Neavel, MD, FSAHM 

Kitty Ho, BS

Sara Mohamedy, BA


Improving Patient Access to Emergency Care: Exposing the Reasons Behind being Out of Network


Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP 

Carrie DeMoor, MD, FACEP


Improving Clinic Flow at an Academic, Safety-net, Surgical Oncology Ambulatory Clinic (1st Place, Improvement)


 Matthew Tran MS2



Binge Eating Behaviors among Obese Patients and Readiness to Lose Weight in a Low SES Population  


Adil Ahmed, MD, MHI, MSc

Johnathan Williams, MD


The effect of a Dedicated Pharmacy Technician on the Accuracy and Time to Medication Reconciliation in the Emergency Room


Adil Ahmed, MD, MSc


Tracking Osteoporosis Screening and Vitamin D supplementation in Post-Menopausal Women in an Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic


Leopoldo M. Cobos, MD PGY-3 

Jean Luis Cabrera, MD PGY-1


Getting to Choosing Wisely: The Value of a PE Clinical Decision Tool to Enhance Appropriateness of Care (1st Place, Research)


Gilda Digman (MS3) 

Hallie E. Baer, MD


Improving Outcomes with TACOS (Technical Analysis and Clinical Outcomes System)


 Danielle Marie Giesler, MD

J. Marcus Downs, MD


A Review of SSRIs and GI bleeding in a Community Hospital


Jocelyn Juarez, MD 

James hanley, MD

Laura Garcia, MD


Automating Post-Operative Care through Short Message Service (SMS): A Pilot Study


Sarah McGriff (MS1) 

Priyanka Moolchandani

Disha Kumar


Implementation and Results of Psychiatric Services Incorporated into a Student Operated Free Clinic (2nd Place, Research) (1st Place, Doctor’s Choice Award)


Whitney Stuard, BA (MS2) 

Kathryn Squiers BA

Adina Suss, MD

Emily Schrader, MD

Dina Triantafyllou, MD

Carol S. North, MD, MPE


Factors associated with Obesity Recognition in Primary Care Outpatient Clinic: Who are Diagnosed? (3rd Place, Research)


 Johnathan Williams, MD

Adil Ahmed, MD, MHI, MSc Adil Ahmed, MD, MHI, MSc

Johnathan Williams, MD

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June 15, 2017