Focus on Member Services: Human Resources Help

When you need to find and keep the right staff for your practice, turn to TMA's many members-only resources for recruitment and management help. TMA experts can address a range of staffing concerns, including how to prevent one of the most troubling and costly problems physicians encounter — employee theft, which occurs in more than 80 percent of medical practices.

And if you run into a staffing crisis, TMA can stand in the gap while we help you recruit new, reliable staff for your practice.

As a TMA member, you also have access to resources like these for meeting the challenges of hiring and managing office staff:  

  • TMA Knowledge Center: Members can contact TMA by email or by phone at (800) 880-7955 with human resources questions.
  • Education: You'll find a wealth of information in practice e-tips, white papers, continuing medical education (CME), and FAQs on human resources. 
  • Human resources consulting: TMA's experts can work with you on everything from defining staff roles and determining the most efficient staffing level for your practice to staff recruitment and on-site training.
  • Insurance: You can protect your practice from employee-related risks and provide valuable benefits to your staff using exclusive products and services from TMA endorsed vendors, including the Texas Medical Liability Trust and the TMA Insurance Trust. 

For more information on all the ways TMA can help you, visit the TMA website

Action, May 16, 2016

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December 07, 2016

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