Coming Soon: Credentialing Help From TMA

Concerns among physician members about the burden of credentialing and enrollment with hospitals and health plans have prompted TMA to take action. TMA is evaluating credentialing verification organizations that will assist physicians with the credentialing, verification, and enrollment process. 

TMA wants to affiliate with a company that streamlines the flow of information to all plans operating in Texas, including Medicaid HMOs and hospitals. Stay tuned for the launch of this service, which aligns with TMA's work on network adequacy and the need for health plans to maintain accurate provider directories.

The Council for Affordable Quality Health (CAQH) launched DirectAssure, which works in concert with the CAQH ProView tool physicians may now use for credentialing. The free DirectAssure tool reduces administrative burden by eliminating the need for redundant updates from multiple health plans.  

Physicians credentialed with health plans that participate with CAQH will be reminded at least quarterly to update and verify information that will be updated with those participating plans. While the solution is available to all health plans, not all health plans are participating members, which may limit the value. Learn more about this new CAQH initiative and view the health plans currently participating.

Questions about TMA's credentialing project may be directed to Shannon Vogel in TMA's Health Information Technology Department.

Action, April 1, 2016

Last Updated On

June 23, 2016

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