Spectrum of Ocular Trauma at an Urban County Hospital

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Abstract of Journal Article -- December 2004

By Tina A. Scheufele, MD, and Preston H. Blomquist, MD

A prospective study of all patients with ocular trauma seen by an ophthalmologist at Parkland Memorial Hospital's emergency department or ophthalmology clinic in Dallas between December 1, 2001, and April 30, 2002, was performed. One hundred fifty-seven patients with 181 injured eyes were included. Eighty-three percent of patients were male, and 64% were younger than 40 years. Assault was the most common setting for injury (31%), followed by work (27%) and home (17%). Blunt trauma was the usual method of assault injury. Alcohol was involved more often in assault than accidental injuries ( P <.001). Most work injuries involved young Latino men, usually performing construction work. Permanent severe visual loss in one eye occurred in 14% of patients, usually as a result of open globe injury. Focusing prevention strategies at employers and blue-collar workers, especially young Latino men in high-risk occupations, may decrease ocular trauma in the Dallas area.

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