Today Is Election Day; Vote for Medicine's Candidates

Did you miss your chance to vote early? That doesn't mean you missed your chance to vote in the party primaries. Today is Election Day, and TEXPAC's endorsed candidates — selected with the support of your local colleagues — need your vote.

Here's the full list of TEXPAC's endorsed candidates. These are going to be some very tight races, so encourage your family, friends, colleagues, staff, and patients to vote as well.

"If you're waiting for the November General Election to get engaged in Texas politics this year, you'll be too late," said TEXPAC Board Chair Brad Holland, MD. "With so few competitive districts around the state, the action is now, in the party primaries. The men and women who win their party's nominations in the next few weeks very likely will be the people who will be making the final decisions in the legislature and in the courtrooms next year."

In addition to 16 state Senate races, 127 Texas House contests, and eight courts of appeals candidates, TEXPAC has endorsed three candidates for the Texas Supreme Court. They are: 

  • For Place 3: Justice Michael Massengale (R)
  • For Place 5: Justice Paul Green (R) — Note: there are two men named "Green" who are seeking this seat. Both are lawyers. That's about all they have in common. Which Green? Paul Green for Supreme Court.
  • For Place 9: Justice Eva Guzman (R) 

The polls are open until 7 pm local time today. Remember, you need to take a photo ID. Please vote.

Action, March 1, 2016

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May 20, 2016

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