Free PDR App Puts Latest Drug Information at Your Fingertips

Stay up to date on the latest pharmaceutical drug information with the new official PDR drug information app, mobilePDR. It's free for physicians and medical students and is now available for Apple and Android devices.  

The app includes several thousand drug summaries written and continually updated by PDR's team of pharmacists. PDR designed and developed the app with active participation from physicians, medical students, pharmacists, and other health professionals. 

The app includes: 

  • A fast, easily accessible drug lookup function that simplifies the search for dosing, indications, adverse reactions, and other important drug information;
  • A side-by-side drug comparison tool;
  • A drug interaction checker; and 
  • A pill identification tool.

Action, Jan. 5, 2016

Last Updated On

December 28, 2015

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