TMA Calls Out Insurance Companies Over Balance Billing

The national health insurance lobby and their cronies in the Texas Association of Health Plans released their annual "report" citing physicians for what they called "exorbitant" bills for out-of-network services. TMA challenged the allegations publicly and earned some positive news media coverage. 

"This so-called report is nothing more than a desperate smoke screen to divert attention from the real problem," said TMA President Tom Garcia, MD. He not only pointed out the absurdity of using Medicare payments as a benchmark for "reasonable" charges, but he also directed reporters to a recent University of Pennsylvania study that found Texas is home to some of the narrowest physician networks in the country. "The health insurance industry games the system to keep more of patients' premium dollars by forcing patients to seek care out of network," Dr. Garcia said. "Then they have the gall to criticize what some doctors bill for that care."

Action, Nov. 2, 2015

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April 27, 2018