Medicine Fights Federal Mandates on Physicians

Since TMA's last visit to Capitol Hill, Congress has repealed the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula, and House Speaker John Boehner's announced retirement has created a free-for-all battle for House leadership positions. But TMA and the Coalition of State Medical Societies are still fighting to pry some of the regulatory burdens off of physicians' backs. When medicine's leaders returned to Washington last month, the TMA agenda was familiar to senators and representatives: 

  • Eliminate federal mandates, like the poorly named "meaningful use" program, that compel physicians to engage in unnecessary activities and reporting;
  • Stop the bounty-hunting Medicare Recovery Audit Program contractors (RACs);
  • Maintain the state-based system of licensing physicians;
  • Be prepared to act quickly to protect physician practices hurt by the new ICD-10 coding system; and
  • Clarify that there is not now and never will be a requirement for maintenance of certification to be a condition for state licensure or for participation in Medicare or Medicaid.

Action, Nov. 2, 2015

Last Updated On

October 29, 2015

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