New TMF Network Aims to Improve Adult Immunization Rates

Despite the availability of effective vaccines to help prevent influenza, pneumonia, and shingles, immunization rates for adults remain significantly low. To help boost these numbers for Medicare beneficiaries, the TMF Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) has established the Immunizations Network for physicians and other health care professionals.

The network's goal is to improve referrals for tracking and reporting immunizations via certified electronic health records and evaluate opportunities to enhance payment by reviewing practice workflow processes. The TMF QIN-QIO provides these services at no cost. Learn more about the network from this downloadable fact sheet

The network is just one of three physician-focused programs recently established by the TMF QIN-QIO to help physicians save time, improve patient care, and reduce costs associated with meeting certain CMS requirements. The other two networks, which focus on behavioral health and value-based improvements, such as Medicare's Physician Quality Reporting System and value-based payment modifier program, help physicians benefit from — and not be penalized by — Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandates. 

For more information on participating in one or more of these networks, visit the TMF QIN-QIO website. Please note visitors will have to log in or register for a free account to view some of the site content. 

Read more about TMF's networks in the December issue of Texas Medicine 

Action, Oct. 15, 2015

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April 25, 2018