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TMA Testimony by Graves Owen, MD

Senate Bill 195 by Schwertner: SUPPORT
On behalf of the Texas Medical Association and Texas Pain Society

Madam Chair, members, I am Doctor Graves Owen from Round Rock. I am a pain management specialist, and I am here representing the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Pain Society in SUPPORT of Senate Bill 195.

This bill does three critically important things. 

  1. It moves the electronic prescription monitoring program for controlled substances to the Texas Board of Pharmacy. Improvements in both design and function will make this not only a better tool for law enforcement but also a better tool for clinical care.
  2. It allows broader delegation authority by physicians to appropriate staff members. This will make accessing the program more seamless for patient care and will lead to greater use.
  3. It eliminates the Controlled Substance Registration program at the Texas Department of Public Safety, thereby reducing the possibility of physicians and others inadvertently having their prescribing privileges lapse. In addition, it gives physicians a better pathway toward combating electronic identity theft. Elimination of this duplicative state program changes very little. Physicians and others would still be required to have a current permit from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Plus the sharing of data across state lines is based on DEA registrations as the common crosswalk for these programs. 

Madam Chair, many physician groups, pharmacy groups, business groups, and others join us in urging your support for this bill. Thank you for the opportunity to urge your support for Senate Bill 195.

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May 20, 2016