TMA Elects New Leaders

Alfredo Tomas Garcia III, MD, took the oath of office as TMA's 150th president, pledging to defend the patient-physician relationship. "We are not 'providers,' " the Houston cardiologist told the House of Delegates. "We are healers. We are physicians."

Patty Loose, of Austin, became the 98th president of the TMA Alliance. "The alliance is an army of volunteers who are dedicated to helping the family of medicine," she said. "We married it. In one form or another, we committed ourselves to you and to the practice of medicine." 

The house gave rousing rounds of farewell applause to outgoing TMA President Austin I. King, MD, and departing Alliance President Angela Donahue.

The TMA House voted Don Read, MD — a colorectal surgeon from Dallas — to be TMA president-elect in the only contested election at TexMed 2015. He will take office as TMA's 151st president at TexMed 2016 in Dallas. 

In other election results: 

  • With the retirement of House Speaker Clifford Moy, MD, the house elevated Vice Speaker Susan Strate, MD, to the top spot at the podium. Delegates chose Houston emergency medicine physician Arlo Weltge, MD, as the new vice speaker.
  • The House reelected David Henkes, MD, to the Board of Trustees. New trustees are Dallas cardiologist Rick Snyder, MD, and Houston ophthalmologist Keith Bourgeois, MD. Board members chose Doug Curran, MD, as the new board chair, Dr. Henkes as vice chair, Dr. Snyder as secretary, and Drs. David Fleeger and Linda Villarreal as at-large members of the executive committee. The new resident physician member of the board is Laura Faye Gephart, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Temple; and the new medical student member is Justin Bishop from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Lubbock.
  • Three new members won election to the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association: John Carlo, MD, a public health physician from Dallas; Denton internist John Flores, MD; and Bret Beavers, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from Fort Worth.

Action, May 15, 2015

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May 13, 2015

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