Health Criteria

Texas Medical Association Criteria Checklist for Health Resource Links

I. Authority

  1. Is the author/responsible institution listed on the site?
  2. Does the site provide contact information for the author/institution, not just the webmaster?
  3. Is the author/institution qualified to provide the type of information offered? Are their credentials listed?
  4. Allowed authors/institutions might include:
  • Sites maintained by local, state or federal units of government
  • Sites maintained by local, state or national medical or specialty societies
  • Sites maintained by local, state or national non-profit organizations
  • Sites maintained by U.S. colleges or universities
  • Sites maintained by TMA-endorsed companies or organizations
  • Sites that offer Internet-related software for users to download
  • Sites maintained by organizations or companies that offer awards or recognition won by TMA and for which TMA actively competed

II. Currency

  1. Is the document current and updated regularly?
  2. Are the links current and updated regularly?
  3. Are there any dead links (internal or external) on the page?

III. Objectivity/Accuracy

  1. Is the purpose of the document clearly evident - to inform, explain, persuade or sell?
  2. Is the scope of the site listed? Is the information written in a style suitable for the target audience?
  3. Is the page a mask for advertising? Is advertising distinct from the content?
  4. Is information based on research in lieu of personal opinion or belief? Is research methodology presented, if applicable?
  5. Is the author/institution a logical choice to address the topic of information?
  6. Are bibliographies or links to other sites available? Is the information presented cited correctly?

IV. Structure

  1. Is the site organized logically and easy to navigate?
  2. Does the site provide an internal search engine, table of contents or an index to assist with locating specific information?
  3. Does the page require special software for browsing? How much information is missed without such software? Is there an option for text only or for frames? Does it take too long to load?
  4. Are links available to assist with navigating the site, such as "Return to Homepage," "Return to Head of Section," "Previous Page," etc. and can users easily return to the TMA home page using the "Back" key?

V. Other

  1. Is the information free, or is there a fee to obtain it?
  2. Are copyright notices or legal disclaimers visible on the site, if applicable?

 TMA Knowledge Center staff will review each link included to ascertain that this criteria checklist is observed and will perform currency/relevancy checks bimonthly of all sites linked from the Health Resource Links .