TMA PracticeEdge Board Appoints CEO, Elects Officers

Leaders Poised to Bring Accountable Care Options to Texas Physicians

Austin, Texas, March 19, 2015 — The Board of Managers of TMA PracticeEdge, LLC, announce the selection of Louis J. Goodman, PhD, as the CEO of the new company, as well as the election of three of its members to serve as board officers.

TMA PracticeEdge is a new services company developed by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) to bring physicians the technology, expertise, and investment they need to take advantage of new health care payment models. TMA PracticeEdge will provide Texas physicians real options to design their own future. Working with strategic partners, TMA PracticeEdge offers physicians a unique tool kit of accountable care organization (ACO) services backed by the trusted TMA brand.

Dr. Goodman – an economist with a decades-long perspective on the American health care delivery system – has served as the CEO and executive vice president of TMA since 1997. He is also president of The Physicians Foundation and treasurer of the Physicians Advocacy Institute. Dr. Goodman has a master’s and a doctoral degree in public policy and medical economics from New York University. He has published more than 70 articles on health care.

“I have spent my entire professional life helping physicians, especially Texas physicians, prepare for and take advantage of the ‘next big change’ in our constantly evolving health care delivery systems,” Dr. Goodman said. “We created TMA PracticeEdge to bring together the expertise, technology, and capital necessary to bring accountable care options to Texas physicians.”

The Board of Managers also elected Don R. Read, MD, of Dallas as chair; Shara McClure of Dallas as vice chair; and Douglas Curran, MD, of Athens as secretary/treasurer.

Dr. Read is a colon and rectal surgeon with Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists in Dallas. He also serves as chair of the TMA Board of Trustees.

Ms. McClure is vice president for network management of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

Dr. Curran, a family physician, is a staff physician with East Texas Medical Center and Lakeland Medical Associates, a group practice in Athens.

TMA PracticeEdge will help physicians lead health care innovation in today’s evolving marketplace. The company will offer participating physicians several services, including the following.

Accountable care services
TMA PracticeEdge offers the technology platforms, care coordination teams, physician-led network development and management, and contracting expertise necessary to participate in accountable care activities, and to meet market demands to document quality, cost-effective health care.

Practice transformation services
Physicians can strengthen their practices operationally and financially by optimizing them using TMA PracticeEdge services, including education and consulting from certified professional coders, medical auditors, and compliance officers.  



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May 02, 2022

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March 19, 2015