Don't Miss Next Month's Medicaid EHR Attestation Deadline

For physicians who participated in the 2014 Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) incentive program, the deadline to attest to meaningful use is quickly approaching. Physicians hoping to receive the incentive must attest no later than March 16, 2015, by 10:59 pm CT.

For those participating in the Medicare EHR incentive program, review a recent article with information and resources about that deadline.

TMA urges you not to wait until the last minute. You should attest as soon as possible due to the heavy user traffic expected on the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Registration and Attestation website as the deadline approaches. Give yourself enough time to resolve any issues that may come up during the attestation process.

Consult these resources when preparing for attestation:  

  • Instructions for Medicaid EHR Incentive Program,
  • CMS 2013 Stage 1 Attestation User Guide,
  • CMS 2014 Stage 1 Attestation User Guide,
  • CMS Stage 2 Attestation User Guide,
  • CMS Meaningful Use Attestation Calculator, and
  • CMS Stage 1 Attestation Worksheet.  

For more information about the EHR incentive programs, contact TMA's Health Information Technology Department by telephone at (800) 880-5720 or by email.

To stay up-to-date on all the pending regulatory deadlines that could affect your practice and your patients, check TMA's Deadlines for Doctors at least once a month.

Action, Feb. 17, 2015

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September 27, 2018