What We Know and Don't Know About Asian American Health in Texas

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Abstract of Journal Article -- November 2004  

By Jenny K. Yi, PhD, MPH; Beverly Gor, EdD, RD, LD; and TruongSon Hoang, BS  

Texas has the fourth largest population of Asian Americans in the United States, and Asian Americans are among the fastest-growing racial groups in the state. The Asian American community in Texas comprises more than 60 separate racial and ethnic subgroups that speak more than 30 different languages. Perhaps because the histories, cultures, and socioeconomic and health status of these communities are so heterogeneous, they remain the most poorly understood minority group in Texas. Recognizing the cultural diversity and demographic heterogeneity of this population is critical for understanding the health status of Asian Americans. This paper is intended to help health care practitioners understand and appreciate the diversity of backgrounds and health needs of Asian Americans in Texas.

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