TMB Puts Office-Based Anesthesia Inspections on Hold

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) decided at its June meeting to put office-based anesthesia (OBA) inspections on hold "to make clarifications regarding inspection criteria and requirements," according to the board's July newsletter. TMB notified physicians in early June it would begin inspecting Texas practices registered with the board as providing OBA to ensure compliance with Chapter 192 of board rules.

TMB clarifies the temporary hold doesn't exempt physicians from complying with OBA board rules. 

"Each physician who provides anesthesia services or performs a procedure for which anesthesia services are provided in an outpatient setting, including the use of analgesics and anxiolytics, must register and pay a fee to the Texas Medical Board. The current fee for office-based anesthesia is a total of $210 per physician," the newsletter states.

Rules stipulate physicians also must identify the level of anesthesia services provided at each practice site. OBA registration is part of physicians' biennial registration. 

According to the TMB website, the board will give physicians at least five days' notice before inspection and will request information from registered physicians at or before the time of inspection.

Action, Aug. 15, 2014