Free Bike Helmets for Pediatricians, Family Physicians

The Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) and the Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP) support TMA's Hard Hats for Little Heads program by purchasing up to 50 helmets for their members to host helmet giveaway events. TMA matches the purchase, so TAFP and TPS members receive up to 100 helmets at no cost for their giveaways.

Hard Hats for Little Heads is celebrating 20 years of keeping kids safe. In celebration of that milestone, the program wants to set a new record of giving away 34,000 helmets. Help with meeting the goal by signing up for a Hard Hats event today. 

Hosting a Hard Hats for Little Heads event is easy and rewarding. TMA provides everything you need: free helmets, banners, event signage, promotional flyers, educational handouts, and media relations support. The program will provide up to five free anniversary t-shirts for volunteers.

Here are some great opportunities for hosting a helmet giveaway:

  1. Back-to-school events or giveaways in connection with your local school. 
  2. Summer and fall health fairs.
  3. October, during TMA's statewide Hard Hats giveaway. We need more than 50 events lined up to meet our 5,000 helmet giveaway goal during that month.
  4. During the December holidays in conjunction with local bike giveaways. 

Email TMA's outreach coordinator or call (800) 880-1300, ext. 1470, or (512) 370-1470 to learn more about hosting an event. Be sure to mention if you're a TAFP or TPS member.

Hard Hats for Little Heads is made possible through a grant from the TMA Foundation thanks to top donors — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Prudential, and two anonymous foundations — and generous gifts from physicians and their families, and friends of medicine. 

Action, June 16, 2014

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April 23, 2018