DocbookMD HIPAA-Secure Messaging Now on PC, Mac

Visit today, and you will notice a new addition to the menu bar at the top of the webpage: A red button inviting you to log in announces the addition of PC and Mac access for the previously mobile-only HIPAA-secure messaging platform. Now, using the same email and password for the app on your phone and tablet, you can access DocbookMD on any computer via the new web version without having to install new software.

Mobile is still at the core of what DocbookMD offers, but with the new web version, you have a unified communication platform for you and your staff, regardless of the device used. The key is to allow physicians and care team members to communicate at the point of care.

DocbookMD, built by physicians for physicians, is a rapidly growing HIPAA-secure messaging app for smartphones, tablet devices, and computers via this brand-new web version. More than 24,000 physician users across 40 states rely on DocbookMD to streamline their communication, including more than 8,000 of your fellow TMA members. By putting doctors in control of the technology, regardless of practice setting or existing medical technology solutions, DocbookMD enables the kind of immediate, secure communication that can change the face of health care.

Action, June 2, 2014