Free Research Summaries From AHRQ for TMA Members

A new set of tools on the TMA website can help you share the latest evidence-based clinical information with your patients in a way that invites discussion about their specific conditions. 

TMA is collaborating with the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to support physicians in the practice of evidence-based medicine with a series of research summaries you can download, print, or order online.

Through AHRQ’s Effective Health Care Program, TMA members can obtain free printed treatment summaries for patients and caregivers and related research summaries for physicians. Under the direction of the TMA Council for Health Care Quality, TMA is initially offering five such sets of summaries related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You can get each summary at no cost either as a downloadable PDF or in easy-to-order packets of 25 printed copies (up to 500 copies) from the TMA website.

In addition, AHRQ offers summaries of 17 other chronic health conditions, such as breathing conditions, cancer, mental health, obesity, and renal disease, available as downloadable PDFs through the AHRQ website or printed copies via email or telephone orders.

"AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program reviews and synthesizes published and unpublished scientific research evidence in an unbiased manner and translates research findings into useful tools and resources to help patients, physicians, policymakers, and others make informed, evidence-based health care decisions," said council Chair Lisa Ehrlich, MD. 

Each treatment summary for patients and caregivers is a colorful, plain-language discussion of the treatment options for a specific condition. The companion research summary includes a "clinical bottom line" that succinctly organizes the results of comparative effectiveness research on the benefits and risks of treatments for various health conditions.

"These research summaries are not clinical recommendations or guidelines," said Dr. Ehrlich. "They are physician support tools that help doctors absorb the latest clinical information quickly and discuss it with their patients. That's why TMA is pleased to start bringing them to our members."

Action, June 2, 2014