Automate Drug Prior Authorizations Free With CoverMyMeds

If you are not using CoverMyMeds for drug prior authorizations (PAs), you should take a look at this free service that streamlines a typically tedious task.

CoverMyMeds is an online drug prior authorization program that allows physicians to begin the PA process electronically for all drugs, and nearly all payers,* including Medicare Part D.

CoverMyMeds uses a combination of state, drug, and plan names to find the right form for you to use for your patient's medication and health plan. You may start a new PA request, or access and finish a request started by the pharmacy. You'll fill out the form online, sign it, and submit it to the health plan for approval. You'll receive a response from the health plan via fax, or through your CoverMyMeds account dashboard.

You can access CoverMyMeds through its website, the NaviNet National Multi-Payer Portal, or your office's electronic health record or clinical system.

*Some health plans may not allow nonparticipating physicians to submit PAs through CoverMyMeds. Nonparticipating physicians can direct patients to verify if a PA is needed.

Revised Sept. 24, 2014

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May 31, 2016

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