Medicare End-to-End Testing Accepting Volunteers

Ready to test ICD-10 with Medicare? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will select volunteer clearinghouses and physicians to participate in end-to-end testing of ICD-10 the week of July 21-25. The deadline to volunteer is March 24.

CMS will enlist more than 500 volunteer physicians, clearinghouses, and providers nationwide for the testing. Novitas Solutions, like its sister Medicare administrative contractors, will be allowed to select 32 physicians/providers from Jurisdiction H.

End-to-end testing encompasses submitting test claims to CMS with ICD-10 codes through receiving a remittance advice that explains the adjudication of the claims - hopefully all successfully.

If you use a clearinghouse, encourage your vendor to volunteer for the testing (you might even forward this e-tip). If you have the ability to submit claims directly to Novitas and want to volunteer, complete the Volunteer Testing Form. You'll receive more information if you are selected.

Find more information about testing at MLN Matters No. SE1409 Revised, and volunteering at MLN Matters No. MM8602 (PDF) from CMS.

If you have any questions, contact Novitas Solutions at (855) 252-8782.

Published March 11, 2014

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