Vote for the Party of Medicine

Vote early: Beat the crowds … and our opponents!

What could you do on Election Day, March 4, if you have already voted? 

  • Care for patients?
  • Have lunch with your spouse?
  • Dinner and a movie?

"That may sound like a fanciful dream, but you could make it a reality by voting for the Party of Medicine ahead of time," said TEXPAC Board of Directors Chair Jerry Hunsaker, MD. "Early voting for the primaries runs from Tuesday, Feb. 18, through Friday, Feb. 28. Surely somewhere in that 10-day span you can find time to cast your vote."

Not sure whom to support? TEXPAC, your political action committee, recommends the following outstanding statewide candidates: 

  • U.S. senator: John Cornyn (R)
  • Governor: Greg Abbott (R) (open seat)
  • Lieutenant governor: David Dewhurst (R)
  • Attorney general: Dan Branch (R) (open seat)
  • Comptroller of public accounts: Harvey Hilderbran (R) (open seat)

For Supreme Court of Texas: 

  • Place 1: Nathan Hecht (R)
  • Place 6: Jeff Brown (R) 
  • Place 7: Jeffrey Boyd (R)
  • Place 8: Phil Johnson (R)

Check out the full slate of TEXPAC-endorsed candidates, including men and women running for the courts of appeals and the Texas Senate and House of Representatives.

"Remember, TEXPAC is here protecting your practice, endorsing physician-supported candidates who care about us and our patients," Dr. Hunsaker said.

"Please, vote early ― but not often ― and encourage your family, friends, colleagues, partners, staff, and patients to do the same. And don't forget, you can vote at any early voting site in your county, not just at your home precinct."   

Action, Feb. 18, 2014

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May 12, 2016

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