Physicians Foundation Examines ACA Rollout

Despite its rocky start, the Affordable Care Act is well under way to being implemented nationwide. As of mid-January, nearly 2.2 million people had selected a health insurance plan through the exchange marketplace. 

Physicians continue to grapple with confusion over certain issues of ACA implementation, including political and budget issues at the federal and state levels and how those issues will affect their practices in the years ahead. 

A comprehensive new report from The Physicians Foundation, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: From Theory to Boots on the Ground, examines critical issues facing the implementation of health insurance exchanges and ongoing challenges of health reform, including state Medicaid programs. The 48-page white paper also provides perspective on critical matters facing physicians in the years ahead. 

Boots on the Ground covers:  

  • Significant near-term ACA issues such as the congressional defunding movement; decisions by states, including Texas, not to expand their Medicaid programs; and the extensive technological challenges associated with the federally facilitated exchanges and the federal Data Services Hub. 
  • The Small Business Health Option exchanges for physicians who are small employers.
  • The potential for final action on the Medicare fee schedule. 

Follow-up reports on ACA implementation and the Medicare program are scheduled to be released by The Physicians Foundation later this year. 

Action, Feb. 3, 2014