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Insurance carriers in the workers' compensation system cannot require injured workers to get their prescriptions filled at pharmacies designated by the insurer, a Texas Department of Insurance official said in a Dec. 9 memo. 

"Injured employees may fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice as long as the pharmacy accepts workers' compensation," wrote Matthew Zurek, executive deputy commissioner for health care management and system monitoring.

Call the toll-free Comp Connection for Health Care Providers at (800) 372-7713, option 3, or (512) 804-4000 in the Austin area if you need more information.

In addition, the workers' comp system set the 2014 Medical Fee Guideline conversion factors at $55.75 and $69.98. The $55.75 conversion factor applies to service categories of evaluation and management, general medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology, pathology, anesthesia, and surgery when performed in an office setting. The conversion factor of $69.98 applies to surgery when performed in a facility setting.

Action, Dec. 16, 2013

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