2013-2014 Community Grants Awarded

Medical Community Grants

TMA Foundation Board of Trustees approved the following grants to projects of TMA county medical societies or county alliance chapters in support of its Medical Community Grants Program.

Community Health Summit: A Community Approach to Obesity; Comal County Medical Society: This   program promotes and implements a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach for prevention, management and treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. The medical educational forum will empower communities in Comal and Guadalupe counties to address diabetes and obesity issues. It joins lecturers from medical education, active medical practice, allied health and the community to share information, approaches and intervention strategies. Learn more on their website.

DCMS Cares; Dallas County Medical Society Foundation: DCMS Cares is a new program that follows the society's tradition of physician-led community outreach highlighted by Project Access Dallas, which concluded in March 2013. This program will help members continue caring for uninsured/low-income patients in their private practices by providing patients access to free prescription medications. Through DCMS' partnership with CVS/Caremark, the goal is to serve 500 over a three-year period. Learn more on their website.

Shut Out Sugar Campaign (SOS); Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) and the Houston Academy of Medicine (HAM): This campaign aims to increase public awareness of the link between sugary beverages and obesity, with physicians helping patients make better lifestyle choices for their health and weight. SOS promotes eliminating or reducing sugar-sweetened drinks from our everyday diet to achieve a healthy weight and reminds patients that they have personal choice. The campaign also establishes physicians as trusted leaders and positive resources for information on nutrition. Learn more on their website.

iConquer; Nueces County Medical Society: The project plans to combat diabetes and decrease the risk of obesity by creating healthy habits among children ages 3-6 and in early childhood development centers, preschools and elementary schools. It will achieve this through age-appropriate educational videos, self-created songs, puppet shows, animated movies, and other fun activities delivered by community youth. Learn more on their website.

Immunization Project; Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance Foundation (TCMSAF): TCMSAF partners with Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County by providing funding, volunteers, and leadership as part of a collaboration of more than 40 agencies and organizations, public and private, committed to the systematic eradication of childhood, vaccine-preventable diseases in Tarrant County since 1991.  The project provides low cost vaccines for 4,500 students each August and spring semester and on-site school events for 3,000 students to meet 7th grade requirements. Year-round education stresses to families the importance of on-time vaccines and for providers how to talk to families about vaccine hesitancy.  Learn more on their website.

Medical Student Community Leadership Grants

TMA Foundation Board of Trustees approved the following grants to projects of TMA Medical Student Chapters in support of its Medical Student Community Leadership Grants Program.

Depression Screening in a Primary Care Setting; Baylor College of Medicine: Students will partner with HOPE clinic of Houston to promote and improve the mental health of its patients. The program will provide translated screening tests, create an education program on awareness of mental health issues for patients and facilitate access to mental health professionals if a patient screens positive for a psychiatric illness, as well as transportation to a provider with metro vouchers, if needed. 

Frontera de Salud: The University of Texas Medical School at Houston: Community health project intends to reduce the burden of chronic disease, specifically hypertension and diabetes, and promote healthy living among residents of Cameron County using a community health worker model in collaboration with the Cameron County Health department. During four weekends of the year, medical students provide health screenings taking blood pressure and fasting glucose, and provide information about chronic disease, nutrition and weight loss to those in need. 

Health Circus; Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine: Health Circus immunizes children of Brazos Valley. Added services at the seven health fairs include: health screenings and physicals for children and adults, education on nutrition, drug/alcohol abuse and healthy living. Community agencies (MADD, Stand Tall Against Tobacco, Phoebe's Home, Hard Hats for Little Heads, Twin City Mission) will provide service information to parents. 

Healthy & Sikh: A Wellness Promotion Initiative; The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston: The goal is to continue growth and development of this project from a one-time wellness fair to a non-profit organization serving a larger audience with more frequent health programs. The project targets health issues that affect this community and provides influenza immunizations, yoga, zumba, and cooking classes, as well as walking group and CPR events.   

Medical Miles Mentor; Baylor College of Medicine: Through a weekly running program, sixth graders learn the value of physical activity, teamwork, confidence and mentorship. This student-run program will inspire intrinsic motivation for exercise and provide students with stepping stones for academic and life success. 

Morningside Community Health Fair; University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine: This program expands the UNTHSC Pediatric Mobile Clinic by sponsoring a community health fair that provides health screening for at-risk adults. In collaboration with the UNT Health Department of Pediatrics and the UNTHSC Mobile Clinic, they seek to improve the socioeconomically disadvantaged Morningside community. 

Be Wise Immunize/Hard Hats for Little Heads; Texas Tech University Health Science Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine: Students will raise awareness of the importance and purpose of childhood immunizations in the El Paso community. Hard Hats for Little Heads provides bicycle helmets to children to prevent head injuries, along with an emphasis on exercise. These two events will be held together to incentivize children to receive their immunizations by receiving a free bicycle helmet.  

Student Community Health Initiative (SCHI); Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine - Temple Campus:  This student-run organization serves as a health and education outreach program in Bell County. The goals of SCHI are to build relationships within the community, promote healthy lifestyles among school-aged children and families, educate middle and high school students on pertinent health issues or concerns, educate parents about the importance of immunizations and provide free well-child screenings and immunizations to uninsured or underinsured residents. 

Be Fit, Be Cool (BFBC), Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative; The University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio: BFBC is a national initiative of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) to bring awareness to elementary school children of the health risks of being overweight and how to make healthy choices. The program will reach 200 San Antonio children with anti-obesity education during the school year and culminate in the first Be Fit, Be Cool Health Walk on June 28, 2014 in San Antonio.