Satisfy Patients and Boost Your Bottom Line

Your front office staff can contribute to your bottom line — in just a few minutes. Why? Because your patients often base their all-important first impression of your practice on the interaction they experience with these staff members. Your staff's challenge is to remain positive and welcoming to your patients while performing their many tasks.

Emphasize to your front office members the importance of their role in your practice. The following actions are not complicated but directly affect patient satisfaction (and satisfied patients will return, and tell their friends and family about you).

  • Quickly and sincerely greet patients.
  • Be prepared to guide patients through administrative processes.
  • Listen to patients' concerns carefully; ask clarifying questions if necessary.
  • Go the extra mile with patients and identify potential for confusion.
  • Be respectful of patients' time by keeping them informed of changes, delays, and test results.
  • Keep office discussions private and avoid office gossip.

Your front office staff's attitude is key to your practice's success!

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2014

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