Your Medical Office Is a Reflection of You

Have you been meaning to fix the handle on the cabinet door or have that stain on the carpet cleaned, but you've just been too busy? Considering that you are in your office on a daily basis, and may not notice the little things, know that your patients are taking notes. So take a moment to evaluate your practice by considering the following:

  • Parking area and walkways  Do you see potential safety hazards? Trash? Poorly maintained grounds?
  • Entry way  Is the signage adequate for patients who are trying to find your office?
  • Front desk  Is the area cluttered? Is it in good repair?
  • Reception area  Is there enough seating for patients? Does any of the furniture need fixing? Is it clean? Are there magazines or other activities for patients?
  • Bathrooms  Are all the bathrooms clean in appearance, or do they look like storage closets? Do any fixtures or cabinetry need repair? Are there adequate toiletries?
  • Hallways  Are they clear of clutter and obstacles? Are there any crooked pictures on the walls?
  • Exam rooms  Are they tidy and are the furnishings and cabinetry in good repair? Are there old magazines or items that should be replaced or removed?
  • Staff lounge  Are there dirty dishes or clutter that patients may see as they walk by?
  • Plants  Are they healthy and attractive, or is it time to replace some of them? Do artificial plants need dusting?
  • Signage  Is all signage spelled properly and grammatically correct? Are fire exit signs/directions posted?
  • Carpet  Is it clean, or does it have unsightly stains?

By making the office experience a good one for your patients, you are increasing their loyalty and the chance that they will refer friends and family to you. Remember that your medical office is a reflection of you, so take the time to assess the image that you portray. 

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Published Nov. 6, 2013 

Last Updated On

June 23, 2016

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