Meaningful Use Requirements Change in 2014

Ready for Stage 2? The first year of Stage 2 meaningful use under the Medicare and Medicaid electronic health records (EHRs) incentive programs begins in 2014 for eligible physicians and other health care professionals. Stage 2 brings changes to the program.  

Here is a snapshot of some of the changes to core and menu requirements worth noting.  

  • Stage 2 has 23 meaningful use criteria. Of those, 17 make up a core set, and six are in a menu from which physicians must choose three. When selecting the menu criteria, physicians need to choose three for which exclusions do not apply.   
  • Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks are no longer separate measures. They are now incorporated in the clinical decision support measure.
  • The up-to-date problem list, active medication list, and active medication allergy lists are now part of the summary of care document.
  • Drug-formulary checks are now part of the e-prescribing measure.
  • NEW CORE! Secure messaging: At least 5 percent of the patients you see during a reporting period must send you a secure message.
  • NEW CORE! More than 5 percent of unique patients must view, download, or transmit their health information.
  • NEW CORE! The summary of care information is expanded. 
  • NEW MENU! Enter at least one electronic progress note you create, edit, and sign for more than 30 percent of patients. 
  • NEW MENU! More than 10 percent of all imaging results are incorporated into the EHR. 
  • NEW MENU! Incorporate and review family health history for more than 20 percent of patients. 
  • NEW MENU! Submit cancer case information into a cancer registry. 
  • NEW MENU! Successful ongoing submission of specific case information to a specialized registry. 
  • Clinical quality measures (CQMs) are no longer a core objective, but you must report on them to demonstrate meaningful use. CQMs are now integrated with the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).  
  • Batch reporting is now available for groups. 
  • 2014 only: A three-month reporting period is allowed for physicians in their second or later year of the meaningful use program. Reporting must align with calendar quarters. It cannot be any 90 days as with first-year participants. Note: If reporting CQMs for PQRS, that is a full-year reporting period.   

To see all of the Stage 2 meaningful use measures, view the TMA summary, or go to TMA's EHR Incentive Program Resource Center.  

TMA recognizes the complexities of the EHR incentive program and recommends physicians struggling with it to consider contracting with one of the Texas regional extension centers (RECs). Details about the REC program and which one serves your area are available in TMA's Texas REC Resource Center.    

If you have questions about the EHR incentive program or need additional help, contact the TMA HIT Helpline by telephone at (800) 880-5720 or by email.  

Action, Oct. 15, 2013