What If I Have Insurance Through My Work or Family?

Do I have to give that up and buy insurance through the marketplace?

Not necessarily. Generally, if you already have health insurance, you satisfy the ACA’s requirement to have coverage. But there are a few things you may want to look into.

Check with your employer to make sure it will continue providing coverage in 2014 and beyond.

Check the status of your current plan to make sure it meets the new minimum requirements under the ACA. If you have your own insurance or a job-based plan that existed before the health reform law was enacted in 2010, it may be grandfathered in and nothing needs to change. Check with your insurance company or employer to find out.

Children under the age of 26 can stay on their parents’ plan.

If you already have coverage, you can still look at your options in the marketplace, but you may not qualify for financial assistance.

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Last Updated On

October 03, 2013

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October 03, 2013

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