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TMA Answers Questions You Never Thought To Ask About the Health Insurance Marketplace

Physicians are Americans’ most trusted source for information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to one national poll, and sometimes they ask their doctor to explain not just about their medical condition, but about ACA health insurance too. So more than a year ago TMA launched "Hey, Doc," to inform patients and their physicians about the ACA marketplace.

TMA’s Hey Doc educational campaign provides objective and nonpartisan answers to your most frequently asked questions about the ACA health insurance marketplace. We want to ensure all Texans understand what the marketplace does and what steps they need to take.

So as ACA marketplace open enrollment takes place for the second year, Hey, Doc is back to help patients understand the often confusing world of health insurance. 

TMA provides pertinent, objective, and timely content each week on this website. Frequently -- as often as each week -- TMA posts a new video featuring Carlos "Hey, Doc" Cardenas, MD, immediate past-chair of TMA's Board of Trustees, answering questions about the ACA marketplace. 

Send your questions to HeyDoc[at]texmed[dot]org. 



Hey, Doc, Can I Keep My Doctor or Hospital? Jan., 27, 2015. Perhaps one of the biggest questions asked of federal health system reform was could patients keep their own doctor under the umbrella of marketplace health insurance. TMA's "Hey, Doc" expert Carlos Cardenas, MD, answers that question and more in this installment of TMA's informational series. 



Hey, Doc, Who Will Take Care of Me (With My Marketplace Insurance? Jan., 20, 2015if I buy this health insurance marketplace insurance policy (established by federal health system reform, or the Affordable Care Act), who will take care of me if I'm sick or need a doctor? 



Hey, Doc, How Do I  Pick a Doctor with Marketplace Insurance? Jan., 20, 2015. Isn't it one of the big questions for anyone exploring health insurance (aside from how much it will cost)  --  how do I pick a doctor if I have this particular insurance? It's one of the questions facing people shopping the "health insurance marketplace" set up by federal health system reform. TMA's "Hey, Doc" informational video discusses this point.  



Hey, Doc, How Many Marketplace Health Plan Choices Will I Have? Dec. 30, 2014. TMA's Carlos "Hey, Doc" Cardenas explains that the number of choices you have as an insurance consumer exploring the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplace depends mostly on where you live. People in Texas' many rural counties have fewer options than those in more populous counties.That's because health plans generally offer more choices where there are more residents. Check out the map showing how many insurers are in each county!



Hey, Doc, What Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cover? Dec. 3, 2014. Our patient in this video asks, "Hey, Doc, if I buy health insurance on the marketplace, what will it cover?" Good question! So Carlos "Hey, Doc" Cardenas, MD, describes the 10 essential benefits ALL Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plans have to cover. Things like doctor visits, hospital stays, and preventive screenings.   



Hey, Doc, What Kinds of Insurance Can I Buy on the Marketplace? Dec. 3, 2014. If I buy insurance on the Affordable Care Act's government health insurance marketplace, what am I getting? TMA's "Hey, Doc," Carlos Cardenas, MD, breaks it down. For example, did you know the broad types of insurance on the marketplace have names like "gold," and "bronze?" These plans vary in coverage and cost, but almost all must cover the same "essential" types of care. 


 Hey, Doc, How Much Will It Cost to Buy Marketplace Insurance? Dec. 3, 2014. It's a question on everyone's mind. TMA's "Hey, Doc" expert, Carlos Cardenas, MD, explains some of the factors in determining that cost --- some of which you as the insurance consumer determine yourself. Do you smoke? How many people are you insuring? Things like that. Plus, Hey, Doc explains the METALS - the various levels of coverage you can buy, and which mean more $$ out of pocket. Finally, he describes where you can find an online calculator to determine your costs and whether you qualify for a government subsidy to help pay for insurance.



Hey, Doc, What Are Subsidies and How Can They Help Me? Nov. 26, 2014. TMA's "Hey, Doc" expert Carlos Cardenas, MD, explains what subsidies in the health insurance marketplace are, gives a brief overview of who might qualify for them, and who will not be eligible.



Hey, Doc, Who Must Buy Insurance? What if I Don't? Nov. 18, 2014. TMA's "Hey, Doc" explains everyone must have health insurance. One can obtain it several ways – through work, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, on one's own… or buy it through the ACA marketplace. 

And the government will impose penalties for those who are not insured.


Hey, Doc, Hey Doc, Who Can Enroll in This Insurance? Nov. 6, 2014. November 15 is when people can begin to sign up for health insurance in the Affordable Care Act marketplace. For those new to signing up for insurance, this video in TMA's ongoing "Hey, Doc" series gives tips about what this insurance is, and what to do. 

This video answers who can enroll, who might not have to enroll (if they're already covered) and who must sign up.


Hey, Doc, How Do I Prepare to Sign Up for Marketplace Health Insurance? Oct. 28, 2014. It's the second year of the health insurance marketplace, called for by Federal health reform (the Affordable Care Act). Many people might be first-timers to enroll in marketplace insurance, so this video in TMA's ongoing "Hey, Doc" series gives tips about what people should do to prepare to sign up.

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March 16, 2016

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September 20, 2013