Does Your Practice Have an ICD-10 Physician Expert?

Every practice, no matter how big or small, needs the leadership, knowledge, and foresight of a physician expert to properly and efficiently implement ICD-10 next year. He or she must become familiar with every aspect of ICD-10 and be a content expert to partners and staff. As the executive of the implementation process, that doctor must make sure all necessary tasks have been delegated and keep the conversion on track.

Becoming an ICD-10 content expert requires education and a strong grasp of the operational requirements. For education opportunities on ICD-10, go to the TMA Education Center.

By now, the early stages of ICD-10 planning should be well under way, if not finished, for most practices. As the one-year countdown to the transition date approaches, it is important that your practice's physician expert lead the charge toward the implementation process and shift the focus from preparation to a more hands-on understanding of ICD-10. This includes practicing coding with the new code set and auditing old and new charts to access practice readiness. During this final year leading up to the transition, it is important to become an expert in applying ICD-10 codes to patient diagnostic settings so that on Oct. 1, 2015, everyone involved in the process is used to documenting and coding for the new standard.

For more information and TMA aids in the ICD-10 transition, see our online ICD-10 Resource Page.

Action, Sept. 4, 2013

updated Nov. 17, 2014