ICD-10: 442 Days and Counting

The remaining time before the ICD-10 transition date is short, especially given the amount of preparation that must be completed. This transition to a new coding system is primed to be the most challenging initiative since the inception of medical coding.

The comprehensive preparation is much more than learning a new code set and upgrading office technology. TMA offers a variety of training opportunities, including live seminars, hands-on workshops, live and on-demand webinars, software, and even a prepackaged ICD-10 implementation solution.

The Complete ICD-10 Implementation Solution walks your practice through every aspect of preparation including policies, procedures, processes, relationships with other organizations, and even information technology. Your transition plan is laid out on an easy-to-follow timeline that allows you to assign specific tasks to staff members and quickly track your practice's progress. Even after the ICD-10 transition date has passed, the toolkit remains invaluable. You will get payer-by-payer analytics that make it easy to compare post-transition revenue with previous years, spot trouble areas, and address payer issues.

Turn to TMA for all of your ICD-10 questions and needs. Visit the online ICD-10 Resource Center for news, tools, videos, and information; contact TMA's Payment Advocacy Billing and Coding Hotline at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1414; or email TMA Payment Advocacy for ICD-10 answers.

Action, July 15, 2013