Many Texas Physicians Not Fully Using EHRs

Does your practice use your electronic health record (EHR) system's full potential? Is the use of technology boosting your revenue and showing measurable increases in quality? For many physicians across Texas, the answer unfortunately is no, even though the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 provides incentives to adopt and meaningfully use an EHR. Having an EHR system in place is not enough. You and your staff must also learn to understand and use the data at your fingertips for the benefit of your patients and your practice.

By analyzing and reporting on data compiled in an EHR, physicians can not only acquire incentives for meaningful use, but also identify areas for performance improvement that could lead to better patient health outcomes. Used properly, EHRs have the ability to increase patient safety, enhance the quality of care, and reduce health care costs. TMA's newest webinar (a part of the Tech Tuesdays series) will show you how, by tracking and measuring data related to quality, care coordination, and patient engagement, your practice potentially can achieve – and prove – better patient health outcomes and start earning the monetary incentives of meaningful use.

Join us Tuesday, June 18, from noon to 1 pm, for the new webinar, Meaningful Use: Useful for Your Practice, to discuss complete and proper use of an EHR. Be sure to browse through the rest of the upcoming Tech Tuesday webinars covering everything from HIPAA security to how to manage your practice's online reputation.

Action, June 14, 2013