TMA Offers Complete ICD-10 Implementation Solution

Wish you had someone to hold your hand through the changeover to ICD-10? TMA's new Complete ICD-10 Implementation Solution will guide you step by step through learning, planning, organizing, implementing, and analyzing your practice's ICD-10 transition. It includes all the tools – including budgets, organization surveys, and impact assessments – needed for a successful transition.

The Complete ICD-10 Implementation Solution walks your practice through every aspect of preparation, including policies, procedures, processes, relationships with other organizations, and technology. Your transition plan is laid out on an easy-to-follow timeline that allows you to assign tasks to staff members and track your practice's progress. Post-ICD-10 transition, the toolkit provides payer-by-payer analytics that make it easy to compare revenue with previous years, spot trouble areas, and address payer problems.

This product comes with one base provider license, five users, two ICD-10 Transition Software users, and an instructional video series. For a preview of this product, watch this four-minute demo.

Action, June 14, 2013