Start Preparing to Upgrade Your EHR

Beginning in 2014, all physicians participating in the federal electronic health record (EHR) meaningful use incentive program must use a Stage two-certified EHR. This is true even for physicians attesting for Stage one meaningful use.

There are three planned stages of meaningful use. Physicians who already have met two years of Stage one must attest to meeting the Stage two requirements

Essentially, all EHR users must upgrade their systems before attesting to meaningful use for the 2014 payment year; thus, physicians participating in the meaningful use program in 2014 will only have to meet meaningful use for 90 days rather than the full year, regardless of participation year. Some EHR vendors already have released Stage two-certified versions of their product. Physicians can check the certified health product list to see if their vendor has upgraded yet. 

Physicians needing assistance with the EHR incentive program may receive consulting help from one of four Texas regional extension centers (RECs). The RECs are qualified to help physicians navigate the complexities of the program. Check out TMA's REC Resource Center to find out which REC serves your area. 

For more information about EHRs or other health information technology (HIT) issues, contact TMA's HIT Department at (800) 880-5720 or by email.

Action, May 15, 2013